​Spotlight - Margareta Boivin


Margareta Boivin (MMBoivin)

Margareta Boivin (MBoivin) is a Canadian artist - painter.  She was born in Lublin, Poland, but when she was still a child her parents fled the communist Poland to Austria; two years later her family was sponsored to Windsor, Ontario, and Canada became their home. 

 MBoivin spent most of her life living in Windsor, Ontario, where she obtained several degrees from the University of Windsor, including a degree in Computer Science and an Honours degree in Political Science.  However, her true love was painting so she went on to obtain an additional Honours degree in Visual Arts, Art History, and Visual Culture with a Minor in Philosophy and studied painting under Iain Baxter& - a famous Canadian conceptual artist and a recipient of the Officer of the Order of Canada (2003) Award.

 Five years ago MBoivin moved to Halifax to work for the Royal Canadian Navy.  As a reservist member of the Royal Canadian Navy, she has travelled extensively throughout Canada and had even visited the Arctic.  From her extensive travels throughout Canada she gains inspiration to create new art. 

 MBoivin is known for her oil paintings that echo her travels and experiences with the Royal Canadian Navy, and glorify Canadian diversity.  Her paintings that depict Canada often incorporate materials from the places that she visits. 

In addition, her degree in Computer Science has led Margareta to create paintings that deal with the effects that technological innovation has on the lifestyles of people, and have led her to sign her paintings in an unconventional way; instead of signing her paintings with her name she often signs with her website www.MBoivin-Art.com

Currently MBoivin is showing her work in Nova Scotia; you can visit her website to see the dates for her future shows. 

 WEBSITE:  www.MBoivin-Art.com

TWITTER:  www.twitter.com/MBoivinArt

FACEBOOK:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/MBoivin-the-Girl-that-Paints/1497738167173575